Sunday, January 26, 2014

Youth Leadership Traning Summit

Today I'm went to the Cititel Mid Valley, because I have a training program called Youth Leadership Training Summit. The training program will be at the Mid Valley hotel. I am so exited and nervous. First we have to register. When we register we got our lanyard and sticker and we got a Mercy Mission bag. On each lanyard it have a number to know which group are you in so we not mixed-up. In the bag we got the schedule, a pen and 3 marker. First of all we come inside and we got into our groups and introduce our self to our team members. And then one of the speaker come up stage and introduce himself and the others speaker. Then we learn about tafseer. We learn about how to be a leader. So we learn tafseer that mean  we learn the ayaat that about a leader. It's from surah Al-Baqarah ayaat 124. It's the story that Allah had said to Abrahim to be a leader. After that we went outside to have our tea break. We only got 15 minutes to finish our food. After we finish our food we come back inside. Now we gonna to learn about communication & presentation in Islam. The speaker said if we want to present we have to face our audience and stand up so nobody gets bored.  We need to come up stage so everyone can see.We need to be 3 steps up. We have to move around and use hand gesture to make it interetings so nobody gets bored. After that we learn about communication & presentation  skills. First we have to keep people's attention, second structure the presentation and make it interetings, third precise information on 1 slide. We need to be confident. After that  we learn about  communication & presentation workshop. After the communication & presentation workshop we have our lunch at a restoran in the hotel. We eat buffet. We got 1 hour to eat. There are ice creams,cakes,nuggets,rice and a lot more. After that we learn about Leadership &  visioning in Islam. Everyone can be a leader. 1.Positive Attitude 2. overcome adversity 3.Perseverance 4. commitment 5. excellence. At this session we learn  about vision. Check the list below to learn about vision. After that we leadership &  visioning skills. Then we have a break. After the break we learn about leadership &  visioning workshop. Now it finish.


What is a vision?

  1. A picture of the future
  2. Gives you a purpose and meaning in life
  3. Vision= no direction and purpose
  4. Shape your own future = if you don't someone else surely will
  5. Don't drift though life make a plan
  6. As a Muslim we should all have a vision

Creating a vision

  • Let's work out
  • What do you want in life?
  • What do you want now and in the future?

Why we have a vision

  1. It gives us direction
  2. It helps is in our day to day decision making
  3. It gives us motivation



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