Monday, February 23, 2015

Mount Everest

Everest is 29,035 ft or 8848 m above the sea level. Everest is over 60 miliion years old. Everest grows by about a quarter of an inch (0.25) every year. It consist of different types of Limestone and shale. Everest was first identified by a british survey team led by sir george everest in 1841. Everest was first named "PEAK 15"
and measured at 29,002 in 1856. Everest is call chomolungma in Tibet and sagarmatha in Nepal. Chomolungma means mother goodness of the universe in Tibet. Sagarmatha means goodness of the sky in Nepal. Wold's first sucessful climbers Sir Edmund Hillary From New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay From Nepal. Climbed from south side and reach it's peak. The youngest climber is Jordan Romero age:13 from USA on 23 May 2010. The oldest climber is Yuichiro Miura age:80 From : Japan on 23 May 2013. 223 people died climbing mount Everest. Some of them are still there.

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