Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Polaroid Camera

                                        Polaroid Camera

I gonna tell you about how instant film works. 

                           How instant film works?

The secret is in the film. As soon as you press the button on your camera it shut it open and quickly captured your photo. It takes sense the pattern of light and prints it on the plastic film that is cover in silver compound. There are 3 silver compounds. These compounds are sensitive to blue, green and red light. There are four chemical waiting to react, the developer layer, Acid layer, Timing layer and image layer. The chemicals get set off by reagent. Reagent is substance use in a chemical reaction to dectect ,measure, examine or produce other substance.

Every instant photo cointains packets of photo chemicals inside to develop your photo.
Your camera squeezes these chemicals thorough rollers and spreads them over to start development.

This is the layer in the film.

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