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'Spiders have been around for a millions of year, even before dinosaurs.

Spider Webs

Not all spider make webs to catch food. Some spiders move around and hunt for food. These spiders include: Wolf spider, Tarantula and Trap Door Spider.

Different spiders make different webs. The webs can look different and they can work in different ways. Spider spin their webs with silk. Silk is thin but it is very strong.

Spider Skeleton

Spider skeleton is on the outside of its body. It look like a thin skeleton do not grow or stretch. When a spider gets bigger, it must shed its skeleton to make room. Spider sheds many time before they all grown up.

How Spider Hear?
Spiders do hot have have ears. They hear with tiny hairs on their legs. Sound make the hair move, So spider feel sounds on their legs.

How Spider Eat?
When an insect gets caught in a web, the spider wrap it with silk. Then the spider pumps poison through the fangs to kill it. Next, it squirts stomach juice into the insect that turn its into a liquid. Slurp!

The difference Insect and Spider.
Spider are not insect. Insect have 3 body parts and 6 legs. Spiders have 2 body parts and 8 legs.

Is Daddy Longlegs a Spider?
Daddy longlegs are not spiders. They have only one body part and only two eyes. Spide have two body parts and 8 eyes.

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