Saturday, December 9, 2017

My cats

                               My Kitties

So you know, I really love all kind of animals especially cat. I love cats the most because they friendly, cuddly and playful. And this is about the kitties that I have adopted started from late 2016.


Karret is my first kitten. She is a female kitten. She has a bright orange fur, That's why her name is karret ( Carrot ). I take care of her at our grandparents house in Lenggong, Perak. we took care of her last year at our grandparent's house. At first, We didn't even plan to adopt her. But it turns out that her mother is the cat we usually feed at the back of the house and after a while she brought her kitten to our house. At that time, I think she was about 2 weeks old. She still breastfeeding and didn't eat anything else. About 3-4 days after that her mother gone, So we give her food and milk but she just eat a little. After about a week she died.

                                  Ciki the Hyper Active kitty

He is a male cat. He is the first cat we adopted at our own house in Alor Setar. He is very energetic. He jump not walk. When the calico siblings lost their mother Ciki like replacing them, He always stay in the kitten box to keep their warm. But weeks later He was hit by a car, and his urinary bladder is swollen. After about 2 days from the vet he die.

                                  The Calico Siblings

I have 3 calico cat siblings. There's two female and one male. They are born on 24/7/2017,
the same day as my cousin, Azriel was born. We pick one cat each. so Doraemon is my little brother's, Munif. Mine is Mirabelle and Princess is my little sister's, Nuzha. Since their lost their mother after 2 days their were born we gave her milk in a pet bottle.


Doraemon is a male calico cat. He is lost when he is two weeks old. 


Mirabelle is a female calico cat
We usually called her Mimi short for Mirabelle. She is a hyperactive kitten too and has the loudest voice. I thought that she a girl cat so maybe she may be a girly kind of cat but when she grew she is the second most hyper cat after Ciki. When she was 2 months old she climb a tree outside our house gate. And when she was 4 month old she lost again and this time we didn't found her.


Princess is also a female calico cat.
Princess is very princessly. She lost when about 4 and a half month.


Grey is a male Korat cat. Korat cat is a rare species from Thailand. Its other name is si sawat which mean "color of the sawat seed" in Thai. He has a golder amber eyes now but korat usually change it eyes to green when they 2 to 4 years old. Gray is the only cat we have now.  
This pic is the personality of a korat cat 


Loki is a male Siamese kitten. His fur color was beautiful. We found him by the streets. He was very thin and when we bought him home he still doesn't want to eat. After a week he die. 


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